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NZR has been on the marketing and design services market since 2015. During this time we have implemented more than 150 successful projects, including with major international companies. Our employees have a great experience in retail chains, are specialists in architecture, interior and furniture design, marketing and humanitarian knowledge.

Our team does not just make a design project, but embodies the strategy and meanings of the brand in the retail space, creating a strong connection between it and the consumer. We strive to create each project so that it brings us one step closer to undisputed leadership in the market. Each project is unique and loved by us.

Why Us?

  • Professionalism
    Among our employees are people with various technical and humanitarian backgrounds and a great deal of experience in retail. This gives us the opportunity to approach each project not as artisans, but creatively.
  • Unique Solutions
    We don't do typical projects that look like two peas in a pod like our competitors. The many dozens of stores we open are all unique.
  • Integrated Projects
    We provide the whole range of services for opening stores, from the concept and format to the design documentation and marketing part. That is why our stores are not just a pretty picture like our competitors, but above all an efficiently working retail space.
  • Vitrinistics
    Our company was a pioneer in the field of window display and visual merchandising in Belarus. We make not just beautiful, but selling showcases. Our portfolio includes dozens of projects with the largest companies in Belarus and Europe.
  • Specialization
    We only work with public spaces (primarily store construction). We don't do houses and apartments like our competitors because it requires a completely different approach and vision.
  • Experience & Innovation
    Our company has been in the marketing and design services market since 2015. We strive to create each project so that it brings us one step closer to being the undisputed market leader. When working with projects we use the latest programs and developments.
To become a leader, a business must emotionally engage in the process of buying or consuming a service. That's why NZR's approach - is a synergy of marketing, culture and social knowledge. It is based on the most up-to-date technologies of market research and customer behavior. This approach allows you to develop and implement an effective strategy, advanced design and marketing solutions that can always be measured - in increasing your sales.

By implementing this approach, we connect the target audience with the brand through an important emotional experience based on personal, social and cultural values. At our company, we prioritize cultural entrepreneurship, socially relevant projects and eco-design.
Our employees
NZR team
  • Aliaksandra Nazarkina
    СЕО NZR, engineer, marketing specialist

    10 years in trade marketing; 15 years in design (more than 70 retail projects). By education an engineer-technologist, economist, marketer, has a master's degree in visual research. Founder of the first Vitrinistika School in Belarus - the School of Design and Marketing. Developed the format of the first cashierless store in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

  • Kirill Karliuk
    СVО NZR, designer

    Has a master's degree in history (BSPU, Minsk; EHU, Vilnius; Södertörn University, Stockholm), author of several publications on visual history (including three books) and research director of several exhibitions at Mir Castle. He has implemented dozens of branding and visual design projects at NZR.

  • Yulia Karpovich
    Architect, designer, artist

    Graduated from Minsk Gymnasium-College of Arts as an artist-designer. Graduated as an architect at BNTU. Acting architect for more than 11 years. Participant of international youth programs and various competitions in design. Main area of activity: interior design.

  • Varvara Akhremko
    Architect, designer, artist

    Certified chief architect of projects. Pioneer of interior sketching in Belarus. Lecturer, two author's courses at the IPK BNTU. Author of four books on interior design.

  • Anastasiya Yukhtikovich

    Graphic designer: development of concepts, design of logos and various corporate identity media, layout, graphics, ui-design. Graduated from the Faculty of Design with a degree in communication design at VGTU.

  • Olga Shevchenko
    marketer, smm-specialist

    Graduated from BSU Institute of Business with a degree in marketing. Specialist in SMM-promotion and marketing research.

  • Dmitriy Grishanov

    Graduated from MAST and BSPA with a degree in Architecture. Graphic designer since 2001; development of concepts, brand design, packaging and label design, prepress and adaptation of layouts for any type of printing, layout, design of presentations, contextual advertising banners, stands.

  • Ilya Sleptsov
    designer, art-director

    Graduated from the A.M. Shirokov ISZ Faculty of Arts. Cultural scientist by training. Took a number of special courses in design and visualization. In NZR is engaged in branding, packaging, design of printing and advertising products, visualization. Multiple winner of American logo and corporate identity competitions. Experience in design for 18 years.

  • Ruslan Egorov

    Graduated from "International University MITSO" (department of MEO&M, marketing and economist). More than 13 years of experience with retail channels of traditional, modern retail and HoReCa channel.

  • Bogena Eygerd
    marketer, copywriter

    Specialist in marketing research, advertising, promotion of company development channels (including SMM), copywriting for articles and presentations. Every year she improves her qualification at professional courses.

  • Feel free to click on the link and look for suitable vacancies. And if you can't find the job you need, but you think you can help us, then feel free to send your resume to hr@nzr.by

We work with the wide range of brands and organizations tof all kinds. What they all have in common
A common goal with us is quality products and services based on original content and design thinking.
feedback from our clients
  • Veronika Zelenaya
    Head of Marketing  Мilavitsа
    «While searching for a contractor, we noticed NRZ, which offered three creative options for storefront design. We immediately noted their creative outlook and ability to hear the customer, as well as their responsible, professional approach to our difficult task.»
  • Vladimir Lapa
    Omron company
    «I rate the work at 9 out of 10 - I haven't given anyone the maximum yet! Completely satisfied with the results and especially the timing. The NZR team managed to go as far as possible with adequate engagement of us in the process without any delays. We look forward to further cooperation and thank you for your professional work.»
  • Vyacheslav Illarionov
    Director of Development Star Beauty Service
    «We consider ourselves innovators and that's why we chose a store design concept in a modern style with loft elements. The modern world is changing rapidly and the concept developed by NZR corresponds to this energy. Light, purity of lines, harmony - the ambiance sets you up for a deeper exploration of the world.»
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