Seed Shop Design and Retail Book
and garden tools
Date: 2022-2023
Service: shop design, retail book

The concept is based on minimalism, yellow and white, shades of gray and brown. Different textures are used: matte and glossy surfaces, smooth and rough, beams, and light tiles are combined. Bright contrast POSM in retro style, as well as the whole interior design referring to the 1960′s and 1970′s. The yellow color is close to the color of 2021 - PANTONE (13-0647 Illuminating). The store is as light, bright and cozy as possible, evoking associations with the pleasant atmosphere of the past and nostalgia.
For the navigation signs and decor elements, the main color chosen was corporate yellow and graphite (lettering and the corporate pattern). The idea of the pattern goes back to the image of seeds and sprouts of plants, embodying the image of the store and spring, new life. Yellow runs in a bright line through the entire store, integrating all the elements and creating a positive mood.
Bright brandwall in front of the entrance is decorated in the form of freestanding luminous letters (logo) and light icons with the visualization of the main range of "Agromarket" store.
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