Prosta Kava

Cafe design
Date: 2022
Service: cafe design

is a 40-square-meter coffee house project in the prestigious residential district of Minsk Novaya Borovaya, which is famous for its stylish design of houses and courtyard area.
Loft style is now in fashion, but the same type of cafes, which are repeated by the same design techniques, despite their attractiveness and love of the public, get bored. So we decided to add some color to the graphite loft. Usually everyone uses the color lettuce - we introduced a warm yellow.
The colors used in the interior are not accidental.
The task of the project was to blend as much as possible into the environment of the café and make its interior similar to the facade of the building, as a continuation of the theme from outside to inside. This explains the basic yellow and graphite color scheme.
One of the cool features of the project (not yet realized) is a photo area with volumetric teacups-lights.
Simple but spectacular techniques were used in the finishes: painting the walls, installing custom furniture and 2 types of tile. The standout feature in the white tile is the use of a contrasting green joint fugue.
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